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About us ...
Fleur Borrelli
Bsc Nut Med, BA Hons,
Dip Irid.,
I have worked for several years as a nutritional therapist. I came to Nutritional Therapy because I was genuinely fascinated by how we really are what we eat. Coming from a medical family, I have always been absorbed by the body and how it functions. After seeing a nutritionist myself, I learned that the practice of nutrition allows us to see the body functioning as a whole and how the mind can influence that functioning. A nourishing diet can have such a positive effect that I had not realised how bad I was feeling until I felt good again. It is this feeling of optimal health and energy that I would like to translate to you.
Qualifications and Accreditations ...
Degree in Nutritional Medicine
Degree in English/Philosophy
Diploma in Iridology
Diploma in Homotoxicology
Member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapists
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