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Nutritional Consultations ...
Fact to face consultations can be booked at
1) Nelson's Homeopathic Pharmacy Clinic (www.nelsonshp.com)
2) Sport Dimensions, The Riverside Health and Racquets Club (www.sportdimensions.com)
Opening Times ...
Monday-Friday : 9.00-18.30
Saturday : 10.00-17.30
Your Initial Consultation ...
Once your consultation has been booked, you will be sent a Health Evaluation form which covers all aspects of your medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle factors. You are requested to bring this form with you when you come to your consultation.
During your consultation, your nutritionist will discuss your form with you in order to ascertain your individual needs. A dietary programme will be designed and sent out to you within 72 hours along with an explanation of the aims of the programme and instructions as to how to proceed. Your nutritionist may suggest supporting your programme with vitamin and mineral supplements in addition to providing nutritional advice. You will then begin the programme, contacting your nutritionist via email whenever necessary for extra support. This is all included in the price of the initial consultation.
At the end of the initial consultation you will be asked to book a follow-up appointment for a date around six weeks in advance. This is to allow a substantial period of time for the programme to take effect. At this appointment, your nutritionist will discuss with you whether your targets have been reached or whether a third appointment is necessary. Usually only two to three consultations are required, provided that the programme is followed successfully, to achieve an optimal level of health.
You may be recommended bio-chemical tests to help identify the best strategy.
Telephone Consultations ...
A telephone consultation is carried out using a similar approach. This is the case for both the initial and the follow-up consultations. Clients often find these more convenient, ultimately less expensive and certainly allow for more flexibility in their busy working lives. According to research published in the British Medical Journal (May 3, 2021), more effective use of telephones could provide benefits not only in terms of efficiency and cost savings but also could prove beneficial to clients who simply prefer to have medical treatment over the phone.
If you want a telephone consultation you can order and pay online here. After successfully placing the order you will be redirected to the Health Evaluation form. Please complete and submit this form at least two days before your appointment. It is important that you include a landline number we can contact on for your appointment.
Price :
Initial Consultation : £105.00
Follow-up Consultation : £ 65.00
After successfully placing the order you will be redirected to the Health Evaluation form. Please complete and submit this form before your appointment.
We make following a dietary programme easy with the extra services we offer ;
Delicious health meals created by our professional chef according to dietary requirements and delivered to your door.
A food-shopping service for those of you who love to cook but do not have the time to scout around for the finest ingredients.
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