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Extra SuperFood Services from the SuperFood team ...
SuperFood Services have been developed as a result of client requests. Because of your everyday demands some of you may need a little help with achieving your goals. On our part, we want to inspire you to eat a 'super' diet based on fresh, local seasonal produce.
How can we make your life easier?
Daily Meal Package - our team will create delicious meals for you in accordance with your dietary programme and deliver it at a time convenient to you in the morning. The package consists of three meals and two snacks. The minimum number of days that can be paid for at one time is five. Days do not have to be taken all together but within one month of purchase. This service is only available in the west and north London area.
Weekly Meal Plans complete with Recipes - these are created in accordance with your dietary programme to give you a little help with your new regime. With every dietary programme, you will receive a free two-day plan and some recipes. If you enjoy these then you have the opportunity of ordering more.
Food Shopping - if this will help you to succeed with your dietary programme then we are happy to do this for you.
Interested in learning how to prepare and cook delicious recipes? Want to eat in a more ecological way?
10 Cookery Lessons with a nutritional bent with our professional chef Fabiola Barahona and nutritionist Fleur Borrelli.
The classes contain a certain amount of theory but you will come away from each one with something tasty you have prepared.  They can be for the individual or for a group of your gathering.
The course covers the following :
Knives, how to use them.
Fish, different types and how they are cooked.
Meat, different cuts and how the expensive ones might not always be the best.
Making basic stocks and sauces.
Ways of cooking and how this can be applied to different kinds of food.
Pulses, the many ways of preparing them.
International Cuisine
Getting the best out of your vegetables.
Knowledge of food storage rather than use by dates
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