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1. 'Food Myths'
If you want to eat more healthily, it may not be necessary to dump the fattening food just yet.
Find out if popular food fads are true or false.
2. 'How to have a healthy diet and enjoy your food at the same time.'
If the thought of avoiding your morning chocolate session has you reaching nervously for a chocolate bar, this is the one for you.
Grazing at your desk helps get the job done – if the snacks are healthy!
3. 'How you eat can help to counterbalance your moods.'
This focuses on brain boosters; foods that fight negative emotions like stress, anxiety or PMS. You may have particularly stressful times in your week or simply want to feel more energetic and confident.
Find out how.
4. 'Planning my own healthy balanced diet'
You need to be fired up and ready for action.
As they say in the army...
Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetic Performance.
Get planning and avoid lunchtime lapses.
This year you'll have 260 lunches at work. We want only 4 of them. The remaining 256 are all yours and will be more beneficial after spending lunch with us ...
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