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What we can do for you ...
We are Nutritionists specializing in helping individuals and companies make step-change improvements in their health and well being.
For Individuals :
In some cases, the demands of extremely high profile roles mean clients come to us to improve energy levels so that optimum levels of performance can be achieved throughout their working day. In other cases, we help those with a desire to treat a health condition nutritionally, to lose weight or to boost their general health or fertility.
We offer one-to-one Nutrition Consultations for clients and advice on how to create an environment which encourages and supports you in the attainment of your targets.
Better eating habits
Healthy weight
Less stress
Higher energy levels
Balance of blood sugar levels
Healthier hair and skin
Better control of digestion and appetite
Relief from PMS, menopause and other hormonal imbalances
Pregnancy and post-natal nutrition
Allergies and intolerances
Fungal infections
Skin complaints
Fatigue syndrome
Caffeine addiction
Liver and kidney problems
Cholesterol and high blood pres-sure
For Organizations :
We provide a simple series of four lunchtime workshops for companies. These are designed to inform employees of how optimum nutrition can be used to boost their health and concentration levels. They are delivered within an entertaining, interactive atmosphere.
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