What is PNI Nutrition? Frequently Asked Questions
How can inflammation be ‘resolved’? The term ‘resoleomics’ was introduced by Dr Charles Serhan and his colleagues in 1996. Serhan concluded that from the onset 
to the conclusion of an inflammation, it is a controlled process of the immune system and not just a consequence of an ‘exhausted’ immune reaction. Resoleomics is an evolutionary mechanism of restoring homeostatic balance after injury, inflammation and 
infection and should be able to bring a successful conclusion to the inflammatory process. Major blocks to successful resoleomics 
may be modern Western diet and lifestyle, prolonged psycho-emotional stress, more than 72% of foods being new in an evolutionary sense, overuse of anti-inflammatory medication and low levels of the biochemical compounds needed in the process.
How can PNI Nutrition support gene function and cellular health? ‘Epigenetics’ is the discipline that studies the overriding effect our health and behaviour have on our genes. ‘Epigenetics’ works 
on top of genetics and determines which of our genes are switched on and off. Our genotype is coded in our DNA, but not all 
our genes are expressed in our phenotype. Nutrient-rich food, sufficient exercise, natural supplementation and a healthy 
environment have a great impact on our genes and disturbed mechanisms of action.
What can I expect from the first consultation? You will spend two hours with your therapist. You will be asked about your goals and medical history. Scientifically validated tests 
will be used to determine your cellular health, response to stress and body composition. You will then be coached through 
the ‘deep learning’ process and then be given a protocol from which to procede. You may also be recommended to do 
an Intestinal Impermeability Test.
You will then be given a follow-up date where you will be progressed further using the interventions above.
What is the ‘deep learning’ process? It is a technique that is used to explain pathways to ill health and disturbed mechanisms of action. It is designed to empower you 
to put into motion a required behavioural change. It should enable you to be able to place yourself in the middle of your health problem with an active solution-oriented positive expectation of the future. Your questions will be answered, the set of symptoms explained as well as risk factors and disrupted body processes and how these can be improved. You can actively participate 
in the path towards optimal health.
How long is the programme? This depends on your levels of health. However a typical programme will be two initial consultations of an hour 
and then two follow-ups.
This is a multi-layered approach which looks at the pathways to (long-term, chronic) ill health and provides regenerative interventions. It is based on the latest developments in the fields of psychology, neurology, endocrinology, immunology, evolutionary biology and epigenetics - underpinned by Nutritional Medicine. It offers a wide range of interventions for disturbed mechanisms of action in obesity, chronic fatigue, inflammation, autoimmune disease, bowel complaints, depression and bone and joints. Interventions include:
• Food • Nutraceuticals
• Psychosocial interventions (for stress, anxiety and depression)
• Exercise
• Epigenetics
• Resoleomics (resolution of inflammation)
• Deep learning.


What is Metabolic Balance®? What is PNI Nutrition?
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