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Supporting The Immune System

The immune system is a very intricate, complex and sensitive system which is heavily influenced by an individual’s nutritional status. Fleur Borrelli explains how the immune system works and suggests supportive botanicals...

The Benefits of Exercise

Suggesting relevant lifestyle changes to clients is a necessary part of being a Nutritional Therapist and finding ways to encourage clients to live a more active lifestyle is often high on the agenda. Fleur Borrelli explains why and how exercise improves health...

Top Tips for Tennis Training

The tide is finally turning in the world of tennis where nutrition is concerned. This is all thanks to Serbian Novak Djokovic and Scottish professional Andy Murray.  Djokovic, used to suffer badly from asthma and discovered he had a wheat intolerance. Like Djokovic, Murray also cut out wheat from his diet...

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome has become an umbrella term for any unexplained digestive disturbance. Fleur Borrelli reviews current contributory factors...

Top Ten for Weight Management

The potential side-effects of prescription weight management drugs, not to mention the cost, has led to a greater interest in natural products as a means to getting slimmer. Fleur Borrelli explores the options…

Winter Health

Winter seems to challenge our capacity to live a ‘circadian-friendly’ life.

Fleur Borrelli examines the impact this may have on our health…

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Brain Chemistry

The more we discover about brain chemistry, the more redundant the term ‘psychosomatic’ becomes. Fleur Borrelli explains why we can no longer make a distinction between ‘the psyche’ and the ‘soma’...

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