Adaptogenic herbs for psychological
flexibility and fat burn!

Psychological health is associated with being able to be flexible.  That is to be able to move comfortably between a dopaminergic (drive or motivation) or a serotonergic (dealing with the present) phenotype. The dopamine drive makes you fast, visually capable and goal-oriented.  Workaholics may remain healthy if they are motivated by what they do but stepping over the limits of this system could result in paranoia, aggressiveness, addiction, obsession, an unstoppable drive and even insanity. Their optimal effectiveness, according to a report published in Clinical Psychology Review, depends on the development of the left and right frontal lobes (1). They link this to metabolic flexibility or the capacity to be able to change energy sources accordingly.  The right ‘serotonergic’ hemisphere may be responsible for increased use of glucose as an energy source whilst the left induces the capacity to burn fat.  Factors that may affect this ‘cross-talk’ between the two systems have been put down to epigenetic programming, early life experiences and chronic stress.  A combination of adaptogens such as hypericum, gingko biloba, ginseng, rhodiola and curcumin may offer a basis for the recovery of the capacity to switch between the two systems.


1 Kashdan T.B., Rottenberg R.  Psychological flexibility as a fundamental aspect of health.  Clinical Psychology Review, Volume 30, Issue 7, Pagres 865-878.  (November 2010).


How to increase lean muscle mass naturally.

One such anabolic hormone which increases muscle mass is testosterone.  Testosterone is produced by mainly men in the testes and by women in the ovaries.  In men testosterone is important for the development of the testis the prostate gland and the production of sperm as well as for increased muscle and bone mass and body hair.  Another anabolic hormone that the body produces is Human Growth Hormone (hGH).
It is released after a resistance work-out and has been linked to an increase in muscle fibres associated with strength and power.

Sleep is vital for the body building process – the more sleep the more testosterone and growth hormone you produce.  Human Growth Hormone secretion tends to follow a circadian rhythm and is released from the pituitary in six to twelve pulses each day with the most significant pulse being about an hour after going to sleep at night – around midnight for the average person. Eating a balanced diet that is adequate in protein will also positively influence muscle growth.

Delicious Gluten-free Banana Bread


3 ripe bananas

6 eggs

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/3 cup of coconut oil

1 tsp baking soda

1tsp baking powder

1 tsb vanilla extract

1/2 tsb salt

1 tbs honey

1/2 cup of nuts or raisins (optional)



Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.

Mash the bananas until soft in a large bowl and mix in remaining ingredients. Mix well until there are no lumps.

If you want to add walnuts or raisins or chocolate you can fold them into the batter now.

Grease a 5 x 10 or a loaf pan and pour in the batter.

Bake for about 50 min or until you stick a toothpick or fork on top and it comes out clean. The bread will start turning brown so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Let it cool, take out of tray and cut!